Janzen Poultry

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Ask Scott Janzen about the history of his family’s business and he’ll tell you that it all started with his grandfather, Bill, back in the 60s. A decade later, Scott’s father, Harv, together with his wife, Diane, operated Janzen Poultry until Scott took over in 2007.

For someone who left the farm at 13 years old to pursue other opportunities working for others and then later entering the business world, coming back to the farm has felt like a full circle for Scott. He remembered what life was like on the farm as a young boy and desired that for his family – wife Natasja, daughter Nikki, 14, and son Parker, 11.

“It was an opportunity to establish more of my own identity,” says Scott. “I wanted to be able to control some of the dynamics associated with running a business and this gave me the perfect chance.”

Based in Abbotsford, BC, Janzen Poultry sits on 20 acres of land and is dedicated to raising H&N Leghorns, with 20,000 layers and 45,000 pullets. With two different types of eggs being laid, the hens are fed special diets, which Clearbrook Grain & Milling supplies.

The Janzens have been doing business with Clearbrook Grain & Milling for over 40 years! The company is not only their feed supplier but also is a great resource when it comes to industry insight and expertise. Scott consults with their nutritionist and veterinarian staff on a regular basis and appreciates information on feeding and lighting schedules. In addition, the Clearbrook Grain & Milling Animal Health Store carries numerous products that he uses on the farm.

Scott says, “The knowledge that Clearbrook Grain & Milling provides has been invaluable. From the simple day-to-day operations to the more intricate details of the industry, it has helped me better understand both my farm and the poultry business. When I need information, they’ve always been able to provide it. The really in-depth industry information that we’ve received, like bird genetics, has been instrumental in helping our business grow.”

Both Scott and his father believe Clearbrook Grain & Milling has also been a benefit to the entire poultry industry. Scott points to the fact that the company has been around a lot longer than many farmers, 60 years in 2013. Scott says, “Maybe they’re sometimes perceived more as farmers than business people, but to me, that just means they understand that you’re a farmer first before anything.”

“When you get right down to the heart of Clearbrook Grain & Milling’s business, they really understand the poultry farmer. Through thick and thin, they’ve always been there for us.” – Scott Janzen