Clearbrook Grain & Milling Celebrates 65 years ~ thanks to you


Celebrating 65 years in 2018 is worth a quick look back to 1953. Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of England, the first Polio vaccine was developed, and the first color television sets went on sale that year. Amongst these, was also the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. This was particularly iconic for Clearbrook Grain & Milling, as that became the inspiration of our corporate logo, the crown, and our trademark of Crown Brand Feeds, which was then featured on our feed bags.
Poultry was the singular line of manufactured feed that was offered. It was delivered in bags, not bulk, and via pick-up truck, not stingers and augers. My dad was the delivery driver and later the company’s nutritionist. There were 2 people in the office answering the phone and performing accounting functions and a couple of salesmen. Our market was the township of Abbotsford and Yarrow. Things just seemed, well, simpler.


Thankful for growth, opportunities, relationships with suppliers, staff and customers, today, we are part of a multifaceted group of agricultural companies which include a hatchery, poultry and egg production facilities, feed manufacturing for dairy, swine and poultry, as well as a premix business. Our team is no longer handful of staff, but is comprised of three in-house nutritionists, various production and sales teams, making up a team of over 100 members.

With cell phones, electronic banking, multiple business locations, markets across the Pacific Northwest and more and more government regulations, business is much more complicated now. Yet despite facing over 6 decades of industry changes and challenges, including avian influenza, the foundation of who we are and what we do has remained – a company dedicated to agriculture, its values and its largest supporters, you. Because of you, we can now look back at a 65 year history and look ahead together to the next milestone. Thank you for 65 years in agriculture.

On behalf of Clearbrook Grain & Milling and the Friesen family,

Melinda Friesen