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Distinctive Excellence

Because of our technical expertise, industry knowledge and strategic alliances, we capitalize on market opportunities.


We consistently provide superior products and services to our partners in the agricultural industry by applying our technical expertise and industry knowledge.

Social Responsibility Statement

As providers of products and services to primary producers of agricultural products, we undertake to operate in an environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially acceptable manner, promoting proven, safe livestock husbandry practices.

The Friesens


Marvin’s interest in agriculture started an early age. When he wasn’t getting up early to participate in hockey practices, he was going out to the barns, collecting eggs and doing chores on the Clearbrook Road home farm. Marvin entered the Agricultural Economics program at UBC, then later become involved in Clearbrook Grain & Milling, starting off in feed sales. As CEO, Marvin directs the Companies’ sales division as well as oversees their other agricultural involvements.


Richard, the eldest of the five Friesen children, acquired a broiler facility shortly after high school graduation. He then became involved in the management of the family’s poultry facilities as well as its hatcheries. For nearly ten years, Richard spent his summers managing local raspberry operations as well assisting with harvesting some of the grain crops his father had co-purchased in Vulcan, Alberta.

As the Director of Operations, which includes managing the family poultry farms and supervising the operational side of the Companies’ divisions, Richard credits his years of hands-on training and field work as providing a solid foundation for his current role.


Melinda’s involvement with the poultry industry began at an early age with barn set-up, feeding baby chicks upon placement, and washing feeders and drinkers at her brother’s broiler facility. Saturday and Sunday afternoons were spent collecting eggs at her father’s layer farm, a family activity that included both her mom and dad as well as older brother Randy. With the company’s growth and expansion in the 90’s, and being a ‘farm girl’ at heart, Melinda joined the team as receptionist and then moved onto managing its Animal Health Division. She currently directs the Companies’ marketing efforts and is responsible for ingredient purchasing as well as the operations of Nature’s Pride Nutrition.