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Hayward Acres

Hayward Road in Agassiz ends at Geoff and Ashley’s dairy farm. Geoff was born in Chilliwack and moved to this farm with his parents and five siblings when he was seven.  Ashley grew up on the prairies and moved to the farm when they got married. Geoff’s love for farming goes way back and in May 2021, his dream of owning his own farm became a reality. Geoff and Ashley have five children and enjoy seeing their children help out on the farm too. 

Touring the farm with Geoff and Ashley was a real treat. All sorts of animals seemed to follow us around—Daisy the cow, a couple of dogs, cats and chickens.  Daisy was the first jersey cow on Hayward Acres.  Geoff, on his way to the auction one day, spotted Daisy on another man’s trailer, liked her and bought her before the auction even started.  He’s had her ever since and she follows him around on the farm.  She didn’t turn out to be a great milk producer but she’s staying. 

Ashley also works hard on the farm.  She’s the one who makes the place look nice.  Her love of flowers is evident on her front yard where she grows beautiful cut flowers and sells them at the end of their driveway.  Her hobby has become a popular venture.  If you’re in the area, stop by for a beautiful bouquet—best price in all Agassiz.