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Bartel Farms

Mark and Shelley Bartel began farm life on a grain farming operation in Saskatchewan. Mark however, launched his ‘career’ in chicken farming at the age of 14 when he started chicken catching. Time, experience and opportunity lent itself to create a catching crew, which Mark’s brother still operates in Alberta.

Mark and Shelley are proud born and raised ‘Armstrongians’, and have now been owners and operators of Bartel Farms for 11 years.  With a passion for the food they provide to the community, they say that growing chickens, all 57,000 of them! – provides meaning and purpose behind all that they do.

Joining Clearbrook Grain & Milling in 2010, the Bartels say that in addition to experiencing higher returns and peak performance, they appreciate the competitiveness Clearbrook Grain brings to the market as well as the company’s commitment to quality. When asked if they would recommend Clearbrook Grain & Milling to others – an enthusiastic “absolutely” was their response.