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Casawood Farms

Nestled in the Comox Valley is a farm that has grown and expanded through four generations of Casanaves.

The land was originally purchased as an investment around the beginning of World War I by Jim Casanave Sr.’s grandfather. A few years later, Jim’s dad put down roots and began building the farm. Although it was a long and slow process, Casawood has grown and flourished since those early days. Modern equipment and technology and a herd of 130 cows now replace the single team of horses, a cow, a calf, six hens, a rooster and a milk cart.

In 1972, Jim Casanave purchased the farm and 3,000 pounds of quota from his father. Sons Rob and Jim Jr. grew up helping their dad on the farm and while Jim Sr. is still involved in the operations, Rob is the herd manager and Jim Jr. is the farm’s general manager.

As long time customers of Clearbrook Grain & Milling, the Casanaves appreciate the consistent relationships that translate into service and quality. They trust Clearbrook Grain & Milling to deliver complete, top quality feeds for their herd.

”They’re a great family company with strong family values that continue to provide excellent service even in the diminishing island market. Their commitment and their quality have really helped keep us competitive.”