Serving your family farm since 1953

Daldas Farms

Daldas Farms began with Dieter and Lilly Doberstein, who immigrated to Canada from Poland in 1956 when they were just 15 years old.

In 1962, the first farm was established with 217 acres. More than fifty years later, although the size of the Vancouver Island farm has increased and the farming methods have changed dramatically, the Doberstein’s passion for raising good milking cows has remained constant.

While sons Jim, Rick and Fred currently have significant roles in the business, both Dieter and Lilly – now in their 70s – are still active with the milking. Having defined responsibilities has helped ensure a smooth operation: Dieter handles fertilizer, cropping, planting and spraying; Jim is in charge of field work and the silage truck; Rick does the cutting; and Fred takes care of the feeding and the herd health.

With nearly 200 head of milking cows, Daldas Farms’ nutritional dairy needs are ever-changing and require consistent top quality feed. With Clearbrook Grain & Milling recommended feeding programs, the cows have yielded excellent results and, in Dieter’s own words, “The cows are milking great.”

The team at Clearbrook Grain & Milling has proven to be both professional and knowledgeable. Daldas Farms relies on their nutritionist’s expertise and insight when it comes to providing recommended dairy feed. These recommendations have translated into quality product and solid returns for the business.

“Clearbrook Grain & Milling really care about their customers,” says Dieter. “More than that, they care about my family as much as they do about my farm. That means a lot to me.”