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JMC Farms

Brothers Marc and Craig Dalton have been involved in the dairy farming industry for many years, first as the children of dairy farmers and now as the owners and operators of their own farm. Their parents, Graham and Hazel, started Grayhaze Holsteins in Chilliwack, BC, in 1991, milking 25 cows at that time.

In 2007, the sons took over the farm and sold the Holsteins in favour of a Jersey herd. Jerseys are considered a favorite among some dairy farmers due to not only their efficiency and productivity, but also because they require less land for grazing. Compared to a Holstein, a Jersey cow will produce a lower overall milk volume but makes up for it with a higher fat content.

Under Marc and Craig’s management, JMC is now milking 180 head. Housed in a free-stall barn, the cows are fed mostly home-grown forages with grains and hay purchased from local suppliers. The Daltons know that good feed can “…make it or break it for any dairy producer” and they’re pleased with the results with Clearbrook Grain & Milling.

As Marc puts it, “The price is not only good, but our milk production has increased significantly.”