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Kloot Farms

For Alf Kloot, dairy farming just comes naturally. The Chilliwack, BC resident, owner of Kloot Farms, literally grew up around dairy cows, having spent his youth working alongside his father, who started the farm back in 1958. Ownership transferred to Alf in the mid 1990s. “It just seemed like a natural progression for me. I also did construction and milking but I what I really enjoy is the dairy farm operation.”

It’s a feeling that other members of the family also share. Alf and his sons, Bert and Dustin, take care of around 360 head. The family likes working with the animals and truly enjoys the lifestyle that dairy farming offers them. Together, they’re know they’re strong enough to meet any challenge that comes along.

Kloot Farms has been a long-time customer of Clearbrook Grain & Milling, with a business relationship that goes back to the late 90s. Alf doesn’t hesitate when it comes to recommending the company to others, noting their strong field staff relate well with on-farm veterinarians. “They’re honest, competitively-priced and their service is unsurpassed – far above the competition. You know you’re getting quality products, too, when you buy from them.”

It’s the knowledgeable sales and service staff that really makes the difference for Alf and his sons. That knowledge translates into a win-win for Kloot Farms: good feed means healthy cows and healthy cows produce more and better quality milk.

“The production is excellent and they’ve really helped us maximize performance.”