Serving your family farm since 1953

Nata Farms

Started in 1960 by Ralph Bifano, Nata Farms has experienced nearly 6 decades in dairy farming.  Son Joe started worked alongside his father 1981, and then took over complete ownership and operation in 1990.

With 2000 acres of crops and 600 milking cows, Joe’s wife Carol, children Tennielle, Mitch and Shawn, have lots to keep them busy. The family works together on the farm in the daily routines and functions, from office work to field work – this is a ‘hands-in’ and ‘hands-on’ operation.

Partnering with Clearbrook Grain & Milling for over 8 years, the families have enjoyed more than a business relationship, they have a friendship. Friendship that is evident when you visit the Bifano home – from the welcoming hugs and smiles to the stories that are shared that go beyond pricing and market.

Joe says, “Clearbrook Grain & Milling contributes viable alternatives in the industry creating different and unique options. Their nutritional expertise, premium service, experience and knowledge has given us the ability to improve the returns of the farm. Clearbrook Grain & Milling is an amazing company to work with”.