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Phil Rempel

Phil Rempel is a familiar face at Clearbrook Grain & Milling Ltd. As a long-time supporter of the company, he knows his way around the feed business and a poultry farm. But his experience isn’t just limited to the feed aspect of the industry. He’s also a broiler producer and a former partner in a turkey farm.

In the early 90’s, Phil started managing a broiler farm on 248th Street. A few years later, he moved the operation to its current location in Abbotsford, where he continues to manage the farm and raise his chickens.

Working on the farm and producing a healthy flock gives Phil tremendous satisfaction. He knows part of the formula for a great product comes from the quality of feed that his birds eat. He’s been purchasing feed from Clearbrook Grain & Milling for nearly 40 years and values the strong business partnership that has evolved since that time.

“I really appreciate the family ownership and their strong support of supply management.”