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Dairy Feeds and Nutrition

When you combine the production groups at Excel Feeds Inc. and Nature’s Pride Nutrition Inc. with the knowledgeable feed representatives and experienced nutritional support from Clearbrook Grain & Milling, you can be assured that you are receiving the most diversified and complete dairy feeding and management program in British Columbia.

High Quality Ingredients

Commodity ingredients are sourced from suppliers with history of consistency and quality.
Shipments are visually inspected before being accepted into the mill, then sampled and analyzed for nutrient profile.
The grains used in our feed formulations are above industry standards. All suppliers of micro-ingredients and feed additives provide certificates of analyses and guarantees before their products are incorporated into our dairy diets.

Local Ingredient & Global Nutrition Knowledge

Upon request, our qualified field staff will take samples for analysis from your local forages.
Clearbrook Grain & Milling is the only company in British Columbia that uses locally-derived prediction equations in our NIRS (Near-Infrared Spectroscopy) nutrient analyses, unlike other companies that base their analyses of forages from as far away as northeastern USA.
We know commodity prices are constantly changing and the relative nutrient values of ingredients are always moving. Our Dairy Nutrition Team is constantly reviewing ingredient costs and nutrient specifications to provide the best pricing for you and optimal nutrients for your herd.

Feed Formulation to Meet Your Specific Needs

Our Dairy Nutrition Team will work with you to determine your specific goals, be it increased milk volume, more components and/or improved feed efficiency.
We also have feeding strategies using specialty fat and protein products to achieve desired changes in milk components or to solve herd health issues.
Our dairy diets are optimized to minimize your feed costs and our Dairy Nutrition Team can provide a solution that meets your herd’s specific needs.