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Poultry Feeds and Nutrition

Clearbrook Grain & Milling provides customized animal production solutions for commercial producers. While other feed companies may focus on standardized nutrition products, Clearbrook Grain & Milling creates customized ingredient blends and management programs designed to meet the needs of each customer’s specific flock.

Our nutritional expertise offers the scope and creativity to serve the unique needs of each customer. The approach we use draws on five key components to create diets that work for you and your flock:

Quality Ingredients

All of our ingredients are sourced from specific regions and suppliers that have a history of consistency and quality.

Our on-site quality control tests include a visual inspection and are NIRS (Near-Infrared Spectroscopy) tested.

Nutritional Expertise

Rations are developed utilizing local and international expertise.

Long-term relationships in the US and Europe enables us to broaden our approach to feed formulation.

Exacting Specifications

Through an intensive re-investment program, our production facilities have been upgraded and rebuilt over the years.

We are equipped with the latest and most precise measuring and metering technology so that your birds receive what they need, when they need it.

Peak Performance

Feeds are designed and produced with your bird’s peak performance in mind. Helping you achieve your bird’s genetic potential is our main goal.

Maximum Potential

By partnering with us, you will maximize the potential you have in your farming operations through superior flock performance.